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Club Overview

Crieff Juniors Football Club was established in 2000 and runs football teams for boys and girls in the Strathearn area at various age groups from under 6's through to under 15's. Taking part in football matches with other local football clubs is a fantastic opportunity for the players to develop their skills.

The Club also runs a Soccer School for children from P1 through to S1 ages at the Strathearn Community Campus. Being accredited with the SFA's Quality Mark Award at Community level, all coaching is carried out by SFA qualified coaches. The club also hold the Community Award through PACES from Perth and Kinross Council.

CJFC follows the Scottish Youth Football Association’s National Player Pathway which is proven to provide the right environment and challenges for each player at their age and stage of development. The club also has links with local primary schools, Crieff High School and local amateur football teams, offering a full pathway from children, through youths to adult football.

Our Activities

Fun Fours

For P1-P3 ‘Fun Fours’ is the perfect introduction to football and working as a team. The 4-a-side game format is world-renowned for being the first building block in teaching the game of football to young people. It allows players to understand the fundamentals of the game and have the opportunity to master the ball, 1v1 situations and to be creative in their play. Held at Perth High School on a Sunday morning watching your child play Fun Fours will make you proud, with a focus on learning to love the game and learning to move. A great family atmosphere, even in the rain, ensures that the players experience football in a supportive and fun environment.


Super–Fives is introduced from P3-P5 introduces the role of the goalkeeper, building on the fun fours players are encouraged to become more comfortable on the ball, confident to try new challenges and demonstrate good sportsmanship. This also takes place at Perth High School on a Sunday morning making the transition for the little players very easy and natural. The focus is on encouraging young players to learn, improve and master skills without focusing on results and understand that mistakes happen and to respond quickly and positively recover.


The 7-a-side game takes the form of home and away games with other local clubs; for most children playing with friends having fun and improving are the most important things for them and coaches of these age groups should always remember this. Therefore it is vital that we continue to provide a positive experience for all our players where they can be challenged to improve whilst having a good time with their friends. The 7-a-side game format is the next step up from the 4-a-side/5-aside game and hopefully the young players can extend their learning to have a greater understanding of the game whilst still learning the skills of the game and giving equal playing time to all players.


Supporting the development of young players to play the 11- a-side game is important to the success of our national game. The National Player Pathway provides a challenging, progressive system that will stimulate all young aspiring footballers.

The 11-a-side game is the final step from the 4, 5 and 7-a-side game formats and further extends their learning and skills to play the traditional parent game. Games become competitive and points are played for, however it is important to understand that many young players play the game to have fun, play with their friends and to improve their skills. A player’s natural desire to compete on the park is still fostered but winning games isn’t the only focus and continued positive learning with a focus on long term player development is provided. While we encourage the improvement in technique, decision making, game understanding, individual physical development and commitment to set goals as well as important aspects of life through football, such as fair play, confidence, teamwork, resilience, dedication and commitment.

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